Getting Midged?

The midges are pretty bad this year – we’ve been getting attacked on evenings out cragging in the dales, weekends in Scotland and even on the ride to work! If you’re getting sick of the little blighters or the itching is driving you mad, don’t worry! We have something to help. Our Care Plus range includes a whole bunch of anti-midge products designed to keep them away and you un-bitten.

Head Net


Getting in your eyes?! You need a Head Net! Designed to be worn over a hat (either a wide brimmed sun hat or baseball cap will work), this simply stops the little guys getting at you. No bites on your nose and no flies in your eyes either, at the bargain price of 7. An essential to keep in your pack.

Anti Insect Natural

A non-chemical option, the Care Plus Anti-Insect Natural Spray works great against midges and other biting insects and won’t melt your sunglasses or watch strap either. It even smells nice! Also available in a roll-on stick version and an 8ml pocket spray.

Anti Insect for Kids

Sensitive skin or got kids? The Anti-Insect For Kids spray uses Saltidin as it’s active ingredient – no DEET! The World Health Organisation claims that saltidin “demonstrates excellent repellent properties comparable to, and often superior to, those of the standard DEET”.

Bite Gel

Got bitten anyway? You don’t need to scratch – the Bite Gel will stop that itching fast using ammonia as the active ingreddient. Also check out the Click Away Bite Relief that uses a tiny electric spark to break down the histamine produced in your body from the bite, relieving itching and swelling.

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