Lightweight Stove Systems Comparison

There’s a whole range of lightweight, fuel efficient stove systems on the market now. It can be pretty hard to choose, so we’ve compared four of the best. Here’s a video comparing the outdoor ‘real life’ performance of the Optimus Electra FE, Jetboil Sol Titanium, MSR Reactor and Primus Eta Lite.

2 thoughts on “Lightweight Stove Systems Comparison

  1. Yes a really light set up and I have seen a few home made versions of this system. As you say, great if lightweight is your only goal.

  2. These are all fine if you want to use gas and boil water really fast. However, compare the weight of even the Sol Ti at 334g+200g for gas canister, with Caldera Keg at 77g + for fuel, and the choice for the lightweight camper is clear. Depends what’s important, speed or weight.

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