FREE Chair Kits with Thermarest Mats

Free Thermarest Chair Kits

We have a great new offer on the site – free chair kits with most of our Thermarest sleeping mats! Simply pick your Thermarest mat and it will say on the page if it comes with a chair kit. Basically any mat that isn’t an XL size and is 60+ will get you a chair kit, totally free.

These are great for lounging around on campsites or sitting up in the back of a van, and are worth 30-40 depending on the model, so it’s a great deal! To see our range of Thermarests, click here.

Here’s all the details:

These chair kits are new, as in not used, but not the current design of chair kit. In fact we don’t think they are even the design before the current one. The stock is unlabelled and unboxed but otherwise in a ‘like new’ condition. The 20″ / 51cm chair kits are of the style of the current Trekker Lounge Kit which allows your mat to be used as a chair or bed without removing the mat from the sleeve. The 25″ / 63cm chair kits are similar to the Trekker Chair Kit where the sleeve is used to make a chair but removed to use the mat for sleeping.

If your mat is compatible with one of these kits it says so on the page and we will include one in your delivery. You won’t see it at the checkout because it’s FREE but we will make sure it’s in your delivery. Sorry but these chair kits do not fit the 76cm mats, so you don’t get one.



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