Mammut Barryvox Tester

Mammut Tester

We have just received our new Barryvox testing unit and the ‘Golden’ reference transceiver. A very sophisticated and expensive bit of kit. Along with the software updates we can now offer the Mammut Barryvox Pulse Periodic Check.

From the Pulse 3.2 Manual

6.7 Periodic Checks
To ensure the proper performance of the transceiver, it is highly recommended that you send your device to a service center listed on the inside of the cover (Facewest ) once every three years for a functional test. There is a service charge involved (not if you bought it from Facewest). This functional test is far more comprehensive than the self-test or group check. Preferably, you will have the periodic check conducted during the summer months, so that your Barryvox is ready at the beginning of the winter season. The recommended date of the next check can be viewed under «Maintenance».

We will be sending out reminders to our customers 3 months before the periodic check falls due. Or you can check yourself as described above. Any periodic check also includes a software update if applicable.

Look here for Update info and request form.

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