Barryvox Pulse Firmware 3.2 IN STOCK


Barryvox Pulse 3.2

We now have the new firmware version (3.2) of the Barryvox Pulse in stock, ready to ship.

We won’t be able to update existing Pulses to firmware 3.2 for another couple of weeks but will let you know as soon as we can. If you are thinking of buying a Pulse, check which version you will get as you don’t want to be sending it back for an update just after you get it. Software updates are free to Facewest transceiver customers.

The new firmware offers the

  • new ‘runway approach’ method in the final phase of the search. The simplest final search method for inexperienced searchers.
  • New rescue search mode which puts your transceiver in standby mode during a search when you are not actually searching. So your unit is not transmitting and not making any noise to distract the searcher. Auto revert function puts you back in transmit mode after 4 mins if no motion detected.
  • Battery meter support for lithium batteries.

There are also plenty of little tweaks to the internal software but they have no outward effect on the user.

2 thoughts on “Barryvox Pulse Firmware 3.2 IN STOCK

  1. Sorry free updates are for the original purchaser only. Software update would be £15 including return postage. I am not sure the update will be of any value to you for terrier location but of course we will do it.

  2. hi, i have one of the barryvox pulse’s for terrier location it was bought from yourselves but ive inherited it , do i qualify for the update and if not how much will it cost me.
    thanks darrin

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