Softshell Jackets – The Facewest Take

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Softshell Jackets – The Facewest Take.

Over the past 6 years or so we have seen the garment known as a softshell jacket morph from basically a heavy duty windshirt through to a stretchy waterproof and then most of the way back again. There is no consensus between shops or brands over what constitutes a softshell. This is NOT a definitive answer but what we at Facewest think about it and how we categorise the softshell we sell.

Softshell is a concept and can range from light non membraned fabrics through to heavy duty membraned ones. It is now possible to make a 100% waterproof membraned and taped jacket with stretch and a soft exterior. Some brands are calling this a waterproof softshell but at Facewest we call this a waterproof jacket. Just look at how the different brands market the new Polartec Neoshell fabric, as an example of the general confusion. For us if it’s 100% waterproof then its a waterproof jacket, if its abrasion resistant, not waterproof and stretchy then it’s a softshell. Softshell can then be subdivided by the type of fabric.

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