Flameless Outdoor Cooking

At Facewest we are always interested in new products that can make life easier, or for those more interested in suffering, more ‘efficient’. We are pretty excited about the new self heating outdoor cooker from Adventure Nutrition.

The system is basically taken from the Military MRE cooking system that uses heat packs to heat up food to an edible temperature. It can be used to heat up freeze dried meals, and as Stu found out even a bottle of water to brew making temperature.

The system does this all without any flames, making it an excellent system for use in really bad weather or if you are very worried about starting fires where you are camping.

The main advantages that we can see for this system, is the lack of ignition needed (you just pour a bit of water on the sachets and off they go) making it a much safer system for use inside a tent. Its also really light and folds up to the size of a small A5 book, so its great for adventure racers and mountain marathon competitors.

What do you think? Can you see yourself using this system? Take part in our poll:

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