Rab Vapour-Rise Summit Quick Look

When Rab told us there would be 3 jackets in the new Vapour Rise range I knew I would have to try them all. So here is my take on the VR Summit.

The VR Summit is the warmest piece in the new VR Range. A reasonably well insulated winter windshirt. Available for Women and Men. The Summit uses the same Pertex Quantum Air with DWR fabric as the other VR pieces and combines it with a wicking micro pile lining.

Wicking Micro Pile Lining

Having used all the VR jackets it was noticeable that this fabric combo is actually the most air permeable of the 3. I was surprised at first when I felt the strong gusts through the jacket but the more I used it, the more I liked it.

You see for it’s measly 350g the Summit is very warm but the idea is that in winter conditions it’s the sort of top that you keep on all day. If you do that then the moisture needs to come out through the jacket or you’ll end up with the damp chills. Hence the mix of warmth and air permeability. The soft outer fabric and cut make the Summit a great midlayer, very warm (did I mention that) but not too jackety if you know what I mean. However with a decent baselayer and a half decent forecast most of the time it will be your outer.

Features wise you have a volume adjusting hood with stiffened brim, not a full halo gripper cord but quite effective. One small chest pocket and 2 large chest pockets. Velcro adjusting cuffs, 2 way main zip and adjustable hem drawcord. Just what you need from a proper mountain midlayer.

Rab VR Summit Jacket Men’s

I can definitely see this as an alpine and ski touring piece. Too warm for climbing in the sun or warm days but light enough to carry. Ideal for cold shady climbs, high point snacking rests, early starts or descents. Lightweight shell in pack as a back up.

Rab VR Summit Jacket Women’s

All the benefits of a Polartec Alpha midlayer but better wind resistance. For the legions of people who have tried Pertex and Pile garments in the past but found them to be too warm / too bulky / too heavy / too stiff then I would suggest giving the VR Summit a try, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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