ORTOVOX 3+ Version 2.3

ORTOVOX have announced an update for their 3+ transceivers to software version 2.3.

The update fixes the self-test upon turning on the device, and will prevent fully functional devices from displaying the EE warning. The update is in no way related to the safety of the device. It has been developed so that we can provide our customers with the best possible service. The new software version now stops an unnecessary error warning appearing during the self-test.

How to update your transceiver.

  • You can use Ortovox’s ServiceCard to get the update for your registered 3+ avalanche transceiver direct from ORTOVOX.
  • We offer free software updates for customers who purchased their transceiver from us. The only cost will be your postage to us plus £5.00 return postage. Read more about our transceiver updates here.

The current software version of your 3+ avalanche transceiver is displayed after switching on by serial number and battery status.

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