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The Rab Phantom Pull-On is an ultralight waterproof designed specifically for mountain runners. Part of their Skyline range of clothing with the same remit. The Phantom Pull-On certainly fits the bill at just 90g (medium) and packing down to the size of a tennis ball. That amazingly low weight and tiny pack size does give a clue to its versatility, it’s not for those looking for an all round use waterproof jacket. 2.5L Pertex Shield is combined with a stretch face fabric which makes for a very comfortable running jacket.


I’ve been testing mine for a couple of months now as lockdown has eased and I’ve been able to extend the range of my exercise, getting out on the wettest days to really put the Phantom Pull-On through its paces. I have to say I’ve been very impressed with its performance. The 2.5L Pertex Shield membrane has kept me dry on hour + runs without feeling like I’m slowing being boiled alive in my own sweat. In fact the breathability is so impressive I’ve been using it on colder dry days as windproof.

This I think is a huge selling point for the Phantom Pull-On, if you’re gram counting and trying to get the most out of your kit, why take a windproof like the Rab Vital Windshell hoody which weighs 160g when you can take the Phantom Pull-On which is only 90g. It offers a similar level of wind proofing thanks to the Pertex Shield membrane, with the bonus of being a fully taped waterproof too, because let’s face it, it’s gonna rain.

The tiny pack size!


Ok its pretty minimalist so there isn’t too much to talk about here. It is only 90g! That ' s the main feature. Having said that there are some well thought out features that you come across using the jacket. Number one is that the hood actually rolls away and is stowed in place with a strap and popper. It’s a nice touch from a poor old Rab designer who must have been under a lot of pressure to strip as much weight as possible from the jacket, they actually though about flappy hood practicalities when it’s not raining. The half zip comes up nice and high in classic Rab style so you get lots of protection when is really hammering it down. The hood also has a small peak which helps keep the rain out of your eyes.

The clever hood stow system.


It’s very slim fit so you definitely need to size up with the Phantom Pull-On. I’m usually a Medium and had to go for a Large in this. And no it’s not just too many lockdown biscuits. Other than that the arms are nice and long and the hem and cuffs are elasticated so you get a nice fit and keep the cold sealed out. The hood is quite low volume so does a very good job of staying in place, even in a headwind.

If you like moving fast with minimal kit whatever the weather, or you’re a dedicated gram counter then look no further than the Phantom Pull-On. You’ll struggle to find a better performing waterproof for the weight. It is however quite a specialist bit of kit, those looking for a more general use waterproof or mountain jacket should look elsewhere. The lack of any pockets would probably get annoying if you are out walking for the day. For runners though it’s such a comfortable jacket to run in I can’t wait to test it out in more demanding terrain once we can get back to the Lakes and North Wales.


  • Only 90g
  • Packs down to the size of a tennis ball
  • Why get a windproof when you can get a waterproof that’s half the weight
  • Stretch fabric
  • 2.5L Pertex Shield waterproof membrane
  • Size up
The Rab Phantom Pull-On
  • 2.5L Pertex Shield with DWR
  • Low volume micro elasticated hood
  • YKK front zip
  • Micro elasticated cuffs and hem
  • Reflective branding
  • Lightweight stuff sack included

2 thoughts on “Staff Review – Rab Phantom Pull-On

  1. Hi Cal,

    I’m usually a medium, pretty much the same height and weight as you, 32in waist.

    I’ve just been wearing a baselayer t shirt under it so far, but there’s room for a thin fleece too for when it get really cold.

    It actually offers a surprising amount of warmth once you get going as its more windproof than and actual windproof. I have found myself starting off pretty cold though! I think its probably fine with a t shirt down to about 8 to 10 degrees.


  2. Hi Will – great review, thanks!
    Wondering about sizing. You wrote that you usually take a medium but sized up on this you usually find yourself between sizes? Also, have you been wearing anything other than a base layer under the Phantom? Do you think you’d find yourself wanting a mid layer too in winter temps?
    Really into the jacket but unsure of size. I normally like things slim fitted, but don’t want to have the air squeezed out of me! I’m 6ft approx. 75kg

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