New Edelrid Ropes

This spring we’ve added a new brand to our climbing hardwear range. Edelrid are German hardwear brand that have been making cutting edge climbing gear for over 150 years. The focus of their design philosophy is sustainability and minimising their impact on the environment. To that end all their ropes meet strict Bluesign® standards where the entire production process and lifetime of the product are analyzed.

We stock a range of their ropes, from simple 10mm wall ropes to super light double rated alpine mountaineering ropes.


Edelrid Apus Pro Dry

The Apus Pro Dry is a half and twin rated rope with a diameter of just 7.9mm! It has a full dry treatment making it a great UK winter and alpine climbing pair of ropes. One of the best features of Edelrid ropes is their Thermo Shield treatment. This isn’t a water repellent treatment but on which bonds the sheath and core together for better handling. Its not just marketing speak either, once you try them you will notice Edelrid ropes are much more supple and nicer to handle than other brands. 



Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry

The Kestrel Pro Dry is in my opinion the perfect set of half ropes for the UK. At 8.5mm they are the right combination of lightweight while still being a reassuring presence. The sheath makes up 50% of the diameter of the rope making them very durable. A key feature when they are rubbing over an abrasive grit edge or round a sharp corner on a Welsh mountain crag. The Pro dry treatment is so effective that the ropes will only absorb water up to 2% of their dry weight, so when that dodgy weather forecast gets dodgier mid route the ropes aren’t going to get heavy and lose their stretch while you bail.


Edelrid Eagle Lite

The Eagle Lite is a durable 9.5mm single rope which makes a great sport climbing and indoor wall rope, when working a route and taking repeated falls are going to put a lot of strain on your rope. The Eagle Lite is lap coiled in the factory, they say for tangle free use straight off the shelf (really though who uses a rope without flaking it out first?) in reality it does seem to actually result in less tangling up. The bonded sheath and core for better handling means that your belayer will appreciate your rope choice too.



Edelrid Swift Pro Dry

The Swift Pro Dry is an excellent single, half and twin rated Alpine mountaineering rope. with a diameter of 8.9mm its skinny but the durable Pro Dry treatment goes a long way to extending its lifespan. Like all Edelrid ropes it’s amazingly supple straight out of the bag which you will appreciated when constantly switching between moving together and pitching and the endless taking and removing coils that that entails. You can pair it up with another Swift or half rope for climbing technical routes of bring along a tag line for long rappels on easier classic Alpine routes.


You can view our Edelrid range. I really can’t stress enough how nice Edelrid ropes are to use. I’ve already been using them for a few years and can see why Tommy Caldwell loves them more than his own children.

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