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I buy coffee beans and grind them at home because I like coffee. When away in the van or tent I used a cafetiere and bought ground coffee. Not very good coffee and a collection of half bags of stale coffee in the van led me to seek out the new GSI Outdoors JavaMill.








The JavaMill is a travel and camp friendly adjustable burr grinder suitable to any coffee brewing method. It’s a well engineered piece of kit with solid metal workings at it’s heart. Beans in the top, twist the handle and ground beans collect in the pot at the bottom. It takes about 80 turns for a small cafetiere so it almost counts as an activity in itself. The handle stows flat when not in use for easy packing. Not exactly essential kit, depends how much you like coffee. Lighter and less involved solutions are available, check out brewing up.


Now when I go away I just grab beans from the kitchen, chuck them in the food box and I am good to go. However you can’t have any old beans, you need fresh coffee beans, selected and roasted in our very own Lake District by a bloke than can run the Bob Graham round, cycle the Fred Whitton, climb E3 and speak 3 languages, Rinaldo Colombi. Just outside Kendal where you turn left for Ambleside coming from M6 is Plumgarths roundabout and Rinaldos’ Coffee. Best coffee and best beans in the world. Almost but not quite guaranteed to make you climb harder, run further and cycle faster.





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