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Throughout the week we (the staff at Facewest) are constantly coming across all the stuff that’s on our website, maybe because we’re checking a feature on a product for a customer, we’re rearranging part of the warehouse or even checking out a bit of gear we might want to buy for ourselves. As a result we often discover handy little features or particularly innovative or well designed aspects on many of the products we stock. The aim of this new Staff Picks feature is to highlight any products we’ve come across which have really caught our attention for reasons such as these.

Each week throughout the winter season they’ll be a short blog post from one of the staff at Facewest (hopefully it won’t just be me going on about how much I love my ancient Mountain Equipment Fleece) on a product they happen to have come across which really stands out, for whatever reason, as a great bit of kit.

Petzl Myo

This week I’ve got my Petzl Myo head torch out for the first time in a while to give it a quick check over ready for the darker evenings of winter. In doing so I remembered what a great head torch it is, not for any single reason, just lots of little things together which make it easy to use and reliable. I’m not the kind of person who wants to be constantly fiddling with their gear, when it’s new I’ll play with it and set it up how I like it then I just want to leave it alone until I need to use it. The Myo does this perfectly.

Here’s a list of the reasons why I really think the Myo is great…
  • It takes AAA batteries – no having to find a socket to recharge it half way through a weekend camping.
  • With the battery pack at the back it balances well on head and helmet.
  • The soft plastic battery cover is secure yet really easy to get on and off and impossible to snap bits off – a major issue with some of my previous head torches.
  • The flick down diffuser which changes the light from a spot beam to a wide beam. You don’t have to press any buttons or cycle through a list of modes. It’s the most simple mechanism and it makes such a difference.
  • It has 3 modes plus flash, these are programmable so when I first got the torch I set mine to do what I wanted and I haven’t touched it since.

Click to view the Petzl Myo

Petzl Myo

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