Spartan Ultra Software Update

spartan-updateAbout a week ago the Spartan 1.2.0 software was released by Suunto. First time I synced my Spartan since then so I was prompted with this screen and did the update. The 3 biggest features are the alarm clock, watch face colour choices and the ability to delete log files. The alarm can be a one off alarm, just weekdays or 7 days so the Spartan has gone from no alarm (really what were they thinking) to having quite a good one.

Read†the full details of this software update†

Another thing I discovered today is that although the Spartan can follow routes†and†track back the current recording, it will not display your current position at all. The Ambit and Traverse both do this in a choice of position formats. Whilst searching for that setting on the Spartan I discovered that there is no information about position at all. If it is there, then it is buried so deep that I can’t find it.†The Spartan Ultra is marketed as a multi sport watch so perhaps it’s a feature that is not of interest to most but the watch knows where it is so why not tell me? Hopefully it will come along in the future software update.

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