Race Vests, Handhelds, Pouches & Bottles

We have a brilliant range for the ultra runner / mountain marathoner / ultralight hiker. You can start with a custom designed pack or vest or add those important little touches to an existing pack that works for you.

We have added Ultimate Direction to the site plus increased our offering from Raidlight, inov-8 and OMM. Plus†Marmot, Ron Hill and inov-8 have come along with silicon bottles, which seem to be popping up everywhere now.

In order to accommodate these new products we have changed the navigation in this area. We now have;

Event / Race Packs, Lightweight Packs Over 20 Litres, Chest Packs & Extra Pouches, Waist Packs & Handhelds and Drink Bottles and Containers.

Event Race packs – †Vests and packs below 20 litres. Some have bottles, some have reservoirs and some are just pack only. More and more vests and vest inspired packs here.

Lightweight Packs Over 20 Litres – For those on longer or remoter races with more kit.

Chest Packs and Extra Pouches – Extra storage options for packs. Some include bottles or flasks but all are pouches of some sort.

Waist Packs and Handhelds – Waist packs with and without bottles plus bottles with extra storage pockets and retaining straps.

Bottles & Containers – Bottles, Gel Flasks and fluid containers, no straps or pouches just bottles,


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