ME Xero 200 & 300 Seconds Available – 40% off RRP!

We have limited stock available of the Mountain Equipment Xero 200 & 300 bags that have been filled with a slightly inferior down than as specced. These are exactly the same outer and construction as the regular bags, but are filled with a 90/10 mix of 750 fill power Chinese down, instead of the slightly higher quality 93/7 mix of 850+ fp Ukrainian down.

Mountain Equipment Xero 300 Second

What does this mean for you?? A slight reduction in the bag’s warmth (of around 1 deg C) and a massive 40% off RRP! These are a great bargain for anyone looking for a lightweight, 2-3 season down bag on a budget.

See here for the bags: Xero 200 Second & Xero 300 Second.

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