Source Convertube – Tested

Got a Convertube recently to test as Olly from Mountain Tracks was telling me that they ask their clients not too bring bladder systems on trips because they have too many problems with them puncturing.

Source Convertube

The Convertube allows you to use a strong rigid bottle instead of a flexible one by adding an air valve into the lid. There is nothing new in this idea, it has been used in the BCA Alp40 pack for several years and MSR also make a Hydration Kit for their dromedary bags which is basically a super beefy hydration system.


The Convertube is better than both these systems or a standard bladder for a number of reason.

  1. You cannot puncture a rigid bottle by accident.
  2. Convertube allows you to use just about any bottle. If you forget your Nalgene or Sigg bottle you can just grab any fizzy pop bottle from the shops, refill it with water and attach the tube.
  3. It is much easier to refill a rigid bottle from a stream or lake than a flexible bladder
  4. Bring along the lid for your bottle and you can choose not to use the hose, especially useful if your hose freezes up.
  5. Convertube can be used with Platypus and MSR bladders if you actually want to use a flexible container.
  6. Costs only 16, which I think for such a versatile set up is great value for money.

Next time you are going to buy a replacement hose for your drink system, buy a Convertube instead.

Using a Nalgene ATB bottle

Using a Sigg bottle

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