Phew…Christmas and all the associated chaos is behind us and we hope everyone had a good one. Record breaking conditions gave us record breaking problems but with the restoration of delivery guarantees from Royal Mail and Couriers, I think we can be confident that service is back to normal. January is Facewest’s 2nd busiest month of the year because as the Christmas madness fades, away we get stuck right into what’s really important, Winter Climbing and Skiing.

Already this season we have seen how some domestic snow has got you either out skiing and climbing at home or preparing for your holiday perhaps a little earlier than before. Hopefully conditions will continue to be favourable and a good time will be had by all. We are doing our best to keep things in stock against pretty unprecedented demand but supplies of skis and down clothing are already pretty thin so it might be best not to procrastinate too much this year.

The VAT rate will change to 20% on the 4th of January so inevitably the price of some things will rise, but by no means everything on the site is going up. Clothing in particular will not change in price until the new season begins in March but then the VAT increase will come through.

For 2011 we at Facewest are determined to continue as a retailer of premium branded products for dedicated outdoor enthusiasts. Things will be tighter financially for most people in 2011 but value for money does not change and in the sports we all love then, you do get what you pay for. Buy it once and buy it right. Thanks for your support in 2010 and we hope to continue serving you in 2011.

Happy New Year from all at Facewest.

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