Lakes Winter Climbing – 05/12/10

A couple of weeks ago, myself and Graham from Facewest west took advantage of the ‘big freeze’ and made our way over to the Lakes for some winter climbing. I’m fairly new to winter climbing but I know that the chance to climb in the UK in December should not be sniffed at.

A team topping out with Thirlmere in the background.

We were joined by a couple of friends and after splitting into two teams several routes were bagged. Right Buttress Crack, Central Gully, Left Buttress and Left Branch were all completed.

Josh on Left Buttress

Conditions were good with semi-consolidated snow, frozen turf from a third of the way up the crag and some ice on the start of Right Buttress Crack. Brown Cove Crag is a good place to get several routes done in one day but the short walk-in meant it was quite busy.

An excellent sunset after finishing the last route.

Graham was trying his brand new Black Diamond Vipers for the first time and seemed to get on very well. He’s looking forward to putting them to a more rigorous test up in Scotland in the New Year. Keep your eyes peeled for trip reports.

Graham and Jamie after finishing for the day.

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