Helly Hansen Keeping Cool

Our spring/summer stocks of Helly Hansen are now in. Beside topping up on the classic long and short sleeve Lifa tops for men and women we also have a number of products designed to keep you cool when working hard this summer.

Helly Hansen Lifa Stripe Crew Long Sleeve 25.00
In strong UV environments you want your arms covered even through it’s hot. For those times a white thermal top out performs a dark one and makes you much more comfortable. Sure there are cosmetic disadvantages to white tops (looking grubby quite often) but when you have been toiling up an alpine slope in the sun for two hours you really do appreciate the difference.
Helly Hansen Trailwizard Short Sleeve 34.99
Super-breathable baselayer top with chest zip.
Helly Hansen Converter T 25.00
Incredibly breathable baselayer with a relaxed cut.
Helly Hansen Trailwizard Short 25.00
Breathable & wicking summer short.