GoLite Summer 2009

We are pleased to add Golite back into our family of products. Golite is a perfect brand for Facewest as their ethos of functional products at low weights works for many sports and situations. After 3 or 4 hours running or 24 hours of adventure racing it’s not just the weight but the thoughtful designs that really makes a difference.

GoLite Zip 15.00
Light and simple bumbag for your essentials. 140g

GoLite Hydrosprint 30.00
600ml bottle bag for trail runners. 340g
GoLite Hydroswift 34.99
2 litre bottle bag for trail runners. 430g
GoLite Ion 40.00
The lightest sack we sell. 25L, 230g
GoLite Hydrocruise 40.00
3.3L bottle bag for trail runners, 480g
GoLite Rush 45.00
Fully featured 15L adventure racing sack, 570g
GoLite Vo24 70.00
Lightweight 25L adventure racing sack. 623g
GoLite Jam2 75.00
Incredibly light 50L climbing and mountaineering sack. 750g
GoLite Lite-Speed 100.00
50 Litre zip top backpack with framesheet. 1200g