Miry Map Boards at Facewest


We have just received our first delivery of Miry map boards, although you can find them on the site, the pages will not be finished for a couple of days yet.

Miry map boards have long been a popular choice with bike orienteers and adventure racers. The lightweight aluminium clamp lifts the board above your bars making the map easier to read and you still have room to move your hands plus the board is completely rotating for map orientation.

The clamps come in both 25.4 and 31.8mm diameters.

Our standard model is the 11QL. This is an 11 inch square board with a transparent sheet which poppers onto the mapboard. I chose this board because I have a 10QL and the maps I get for the open 5’s (if you don’t know what an open 5 is and live north of birmingham, then follow the link and get in one.)are just too wide to fit between the poppers on the 10QL cover. An A4 sheet does fit but not with the extra lamination. We also have 10 an 12 inch boards available as spare parts plus retractable SI card holders.

Unfortunately the euro exchange rate has made these products more expensive then I had hoped for. I have seen old web pages offering these boards for £35! I have found them on a french site for 60 euros which is comparable as I got 1.04 euros to £1 when I paid for them. Hopefully the exchange rate will be better for my next order and the price will come down a bit. On the plus side, I have had my board for several years and despite many crashes it is still as good as new, so over several seasons racing the cost becomes easily justified.

I will post links to the new pages as soon as they are finished.