ISPO 2009 Preview

Just back from a hectic few days at Winter ISPO in Munich. ISPO is where all the new products and prices for next winter are presented to the shops and buyers. Al the new skis, products and styles are unveiled and examined. I then have about 1 week to get my orders in for delivery in september and october.

I will follow this post up with some more specifics about new developments next year, but there is a big backcountry theme from K2 who are making bespoke skins and attachment systems for their skis and a new touring binding from Diamir. On the clothing front Softshell continues to grow and a new gore tex bonding process for gloves produces the most flexible and smooth membrane gloves seen to date.

On a more sombre note the price of everything is set to rise by a minimum of 10% and more like 15-20% on average. This is due to the pound falling against the euro and the dollar, plus increased manufacturing and shipping costs for Chinese goods. Coupled with the fact  that you could have a bit less  money in your pocket next autumn, means that it is even more important to get value for money and choose the right things to spend your hard earned on. If you are umming and ahhing about buying something now or next year, it will be cheaper to get it this year.

Prices aside, there are some great things happening for climbers, backcountry skiers and boarders next year and we will do our best to separate the wheat from the chaff for you.