Petzl Ultra Belt Batteries & Availability – FREE BATTERY

The first Petzl Ultra Belts will not be available until November 2008, but you can order one now for earliest delivery, we will not charge your card untill dispatch. However when the Ultra Belts arrive they will come with the smaller ACCU 2 battery as the ACCU 4 battery will not be available until March 2009. With the Ultra Belt will be a voucher which you immediately send to Petzl UK (Lyon Equipment). Lyon will add you to a database of people who will receive a free ACCU 4 battery when they come out AND you get to keep the ACCU 2 battery you already have. This is a pretty good deal if you want an Ultra Belt. PLUS they send you a free Petzl Signal light when you send in the voucher just because they would like to! By buying early you get a free battery, but don’t think that there is no point buying a standard Ultra. Please bear in mind that the Ultra Belt comes with a fixed long power cord and so you cannot head mount the battery without tying this up. If you want a head mounted battery then the standard Petzl Ultra is still the best one to get. You can also convert an Ultra into an Ultra Belt but not the other way round.