Petzl Ultra Tested and In Stock

We have had our first delivery of Petzl Ultras, so all you torch geeks out there it’s time to get the brigtest outdoor headlamp in existance!

I got a demo Ultra Belt a little while back and after testing the Ultra on several night runs I can say that it lives up to expectations. It is more than bright enough for all situations, in fact for running on smooth tacks and easy ground the economic setting was fine but for rough broken ground the optimum setting was best. In fact the most powerful setting produced too much back glare and hurt my eyes! The tilting head unit meant you can get the light just right and the light did not bounce around. The switch is great, one of the best bits of design on the Ultra. The beam pattern on Ultra is excellent with plenty of wide peripheral light to complement the 120m beam, this really helps when looking for track junctions and the like. I have a HID light for my bike and the Ultra is the next brightest light I have seen. The Ultra costs 40% less than the HID and does not have the fragility or the battery size of the HID. The ACCU 4 battery that I have lasts over 9 hours on optimum power so I have still not exhausted my battery with my runs. I had the battery in a bumbag which worked well and did not notice the weight of the light unit on my head. Now for £250 or £300 depending on the model you kind of expect everything to be right, but I have to say that it was. I can’t wait to start night riding with it!