Suunto Delivery Problems

I would like to apologise to all the customers who are waiting for suunto products from Facewest at the moment. We are receiving very erratic and incomplete deliveries from Suunto at the moment which is making life very difficult. This is compounded by Suunto having no real idea when back ordered items will be delivered. Their current tactic is to pick a date 2 weeks into the future and say products will be shipped then. When that date arrives they pick a date 2 weeks into the future…… I know there are issues with the solder used on the X9i, it can no longer contain lead (EU directive) and this has affected the functionality of the watch. The good news is that if you have an X9i it contains lead solder and so works just fine. So no X9i’s are being shipped. Another issue is with a batch of black leather straps used on X landers and Yachtsmans. There has been a known issue and free replacements have been taking place, but that supplier of straps has been dropped before a replacement has been found so none of the models that use that strap are being shipped. Not all X landers were affected and if you have one of these watches your strap is probably alright, just check it over to be sure. We are also not receiving any of the new T range, but I’m not exactly sure why. It’s very fustrating for us and you because what little information we get given is usually inaccurate.

We are very sorry and will keep you advised of all developments. Nobody has been charged for any back ordered products and will not be charged until dispatch. If you are waiting for a delivery from another source and have been charged, I would ask for a refund, it’s looks like a long wait.