Dakine Winter 06/07

The new stock just keeps piling in through the door! Latest new additions to the site are from Dakine, a summary of which can be found below. A few more things from Daine to come, namely the soft goods like hats & wallets plus some more urban style packs. After that it’s back to Mountain Equipment for a host of technical clothing.

Dakine Tuning Kits and Tools. Complete kits with wax irons down to pocket screwdrivers. All your home ski technician needs
Dakine Wax and Accessories. Solid and quick waxes plus scrapers, buffers and irons
Board Leashes and Locks.
Snowboard Stomp Pads
Dakine’s Snowsports pack range for 06/07. The classics like the Heli Pack & Heli Pro plus new packs like the skier’s Tactic and all the others inbetween.
Wheelie bags. From the 62 litre carry on Zip aAway to the cavernous 140 Litre 60/40 Convertible.
Ski Bags. Singles, doubles, ones with wheels and ones without.
Snowboard Bags. From a single board sleeve to a double board bag with wheels and extra luggage space