Black Diamond Recon LT Recall

Black Diamond have announced a voluntary recall on the Recon LT transceiver.

In a limited number of cases, the Recon LT could unexpectedly enter search mode, despite its rotary switch remaining in the send position. There have been no accidents or injuries resulting from this malfunction.

This issue is easily eliminated when users update their firmware to version v1.3 or later.

All users should immediately stop using their Recon LT until completing one of the following options:

1) To update your Recon LT, simply download the Pieps app for iOS or Android devices, connect the transceiver via Bluetooth, then follow the on-screen prompts. For full instructions on how to update your Recon LT using the Pieps app please refer to the required steps here.
2) Send your Recon LT to our service center, where we will perform the update for you free of charge.
3) Receive a full refund from Black Diamond for Recon LT customers.

If you purchased your Black Diamond Recon LT from please check your inbox. We have emailed you with instructions on how to return your device to us for either an update or a refund.

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