Soto Navigator Cook Set Review

In 2019, my partner and I walked our first Wainwright. Gradually, it turned into a ritual to set an alarm for 5am on a Sunday morning to beat the A65 traffic up to the Lake District. Our weekend trips were consistent with hotels and BnBs, but this luxury didn’t last very long with prices rising and Covid-19 still present, and we soon realised it was time to transition to camping.

With a solid 0% of kit, we made a list of kit we planned to buy and why. Our goal was to gather our kit with a reasonable budget and to find products that would pack up neat and store away easy. We also wanted to find a durable but lightweight set so we could tick plenty of boxes in one purchase. This is when we came across the Soto Navigator Cook Set.

Weighing only 480g, this light set comes with 2 anodized aluminium pots, one 1300ml and the other pot measuring 1800ml. Both pots are supplied with won lids which are designed with colander holes that are great for draining boiling water when cooking veggies! The lids also double up as chopping boards as the lids have been designed with a flat top so your food doesn’t roll around whilst cutting.

The plan was to over pack as we would rather have and not need, than need and not have. But for those that want to minimise their kit, the Soto Navigator Cook Set comes with a Kozy reflective foil lined carry bag so you can eat your food straight from the pot so there’s no need to take up space with plates and bowls.

Soto Navigator Cook Set

Ingenious highly versatile cook set for solo backpacking trips or group camping. Almost every component of the cook set has been thought through and designed with multiple purposes. Total weight 480g

Soto supplies the set with one multi-purpose duo handle which allows you to grab the pan to lift and manoeuvre. If you turn the handle around, it doubles up as a pair of tongs which we found very useful as we only had a small space to cook from. This helped de-clutter our cooking space with numerous kitchen utensils.

Another box that this set ticked for us was the space it takes up either in the tent or packed away when we get home. This whole set packs into the 1800ml pot which makes transportation and storage very neat. We found this was a brilliant feature for saving on space in the boot and tidying away in the tent so you aren’t stumbling over pots in the middle of the night if you need to use the bathroom.

Overall, I have found that every part of this set has been thoroughly thought out. It did the job of ticking the correct boxes for our trip and made cooking every meal an enjoyable experience. I am sure we have more camping trips planned in the very near future, and I am excited to really put this set to the test.

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