Pieps / Black Diamond Avalanche Transceiver Safety Check.

Black Diamond / Pieps have announced a safety check for their range of transceivers which share components. They have observed a small number of devices with malfunctioning components that may prevent the device switching from SEARCH to SEND mode. They are carrying out further testing but in the mean time have advised all owners of the following devices to test them:

  • PIEPS Micro BT Button
  • PIEPS Micro BT Race
  • PIEPS Micro BT Sensor
  • PIEPS Powder BT
  • PIEPS Pro BT
  • PIEPS DSP Pro/Sport
  • Black Diamond Recon BT
  • Black Diamond Guide BT

Full instructions on how to test your device can be found below. If you do discover a problem with your device you can arrange a warranty return on the same page.

If you purchased a Pieps or Black Diamond transceiver from facewest.co.uk you should receive and email from us shortly reminding you to test your device.

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