Thermarest Quilts

Want to make a massive cut in the weight and size of your backpacking pack? Forget cutting out labels and the handle off your toothbrush. Swap your full sleeping bag for a quilt instead. The idea of using a quilt rather than a full sleeping bag still feels pretty out there in the UK, but they are gaining ground as sleeping mats get better and better.

A quilt is an incredibly versatile alternative or addition to a sleeping bag. When used properly in conjunction with an insulating mat like a Thermarest Xlite or Xtherm it will keep you just as warm as a bag, for half the weight as there is no additional material or insulation under you which would just be getting crushed anyway.

In really cold conditions a quilt is a great way of adding loads of additional warmth on top of your sleeping bag for not much additional weight.

Thermarest Vesper 20F

  • 2 – 3 Season.
  • 0°C to -6°C Recommended use.
  • Just 550g (regular)

Thermarest Vesper 32F

  • 2 Season.
  • 5°C to 0°C Recommended use.
  • Just 440g (regular).

A Quilt is a really worthwhile addition to your sleeping system that has a variety of applications. They are also excellent for keeping warm while sitting around at camp as they are much easier to use as a blanket for those headtorch lit chats after the sun goes down.

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