PIEPS Voluntary Product Correction

PIEPS have announced a replacement program for the carry harness that comes with their DSP Sport, DSP Pro and DSP Pro ICE transceivers. This comes after concerns raised by users regarding the locking mechanism of the SEARCH / SEND / OFF switch on those models of transceiver. You can read their statement below;

Pieps has received inquiries relating to the DSP PRO, DSP PRO ICE, and DSP SPORT avalanche transceivers. These models all use an identical mechanical lock-and-switch mechanism to set the product to SEND mode. We believe these inquiries were prompted by two avalanche accidents: one in 2017 and one in spring 2020. Following these accidents, there were allegations that the security lock/switch mechanism of the DSP PRO / SPORT had malfunctioned during the avalanches. However, tests have shown that the lock/switch mechanism on the DSP Pro, DSP Sport, and DSP PRO ICE meets all relevant safety standards.

However and since PIEPS is committed to product safety and to its users and upholds exacting product excellence across all its backcountry products, the PIEPS R&D Team has developed a new hardcase carrying system for all DSP transceivers, to replace the neoprene carrying system supplied with the DSP transceivers. The design of the new hardcase carrying system provides extra safety to ensure the transceivers are locked in the SEND position when in use, and remain securely in the SEND position during use.

In that PIEPS announces a voluntary product correction program to better secure the lock and switch mechanism of its DSP avalanche transceivers. The correction consists of a new hardcase carrying system to ensure that the DSP PRO, DSP Pro ICE and DSP SPORT avalanche transceivers are set to SEND mode before use, and remain locked in SEND mode during use. This new hardcase carrying system replaces the neoprene carrying system that was supplied with the DSP avalanche transceivers, which should now be discarded. The DSP products affected were manufactured between 2013 and 2020.

Consumers should stop using the DSP transceivers immediately and contact PIEPS for the new hardcase carrying system. DSP transceivers should only be used with the new hardcase carrying system. This Voluntary Product Correction Program only affects the PIEPS DSP PRO, DSP PRO ICE and DSP SPORT avalanche transceivers. The Voluntary Product Correction Program does not affect any other avalanche transceiver or product from the Pieps product line. Pieps urges users of all Pieps avalanche safety equipment to follow product instructions closely, including conducting a thorough safety and performance check before each use.

You can arrange for your harness to be swapped on PIEPS website – Voluntary Correction Program– If you purchased your PIEPS transceiver from facewest.co.uk then we will contact you shortly with a reminder of how to proceed.

If you purchased your PIEPS transceiver from facewest.co.uk and have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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