Rab Women’s Elevation Pants Review

Why do walking trousers for ladies never fit?

Let me tell you reader, I have had endless battles with walking trousers over the years.

It’s just like jeans, impossible to find the right fit. Who thought those ridiculously small pockets with zips that dig into your hips were a good idea? Or those baggy, unflattering cargo pants style trousers that always fall down?

Along with so many other women I see on the hills, I resorted to gym leggings in the end. They’re comfy, right? They fit over my curvy thighs and don’t flash my bum when I climb over a stile. But, let’s face it, they are a bit on the chilly side. If it’s windy it blows straight through and if it rains, you will be absolutely soaked. So not ideal for the British weather.

So, I kept on with my search for walking trousers for women, that actually fit.  And after 20 years of searching, I struck gold here.

The Rab Elevation Pants really are the best thing since sliced bread and this is why.

  • They fit! My big thighs (or strong thighs as I like to refer to them) finally have free reign! I can bend, move sideways, even squat. Many others I’ve found, when I get to the size that will go over my thighs, they leave a big gap at the top. It’s not the best look is it? I would recommend buying just one size up from what you buy on the high street. Rab sizes run small and I promise you, no one will look in the label.
  • They are so flattering. The design cleverly sections up the leg, so they divide that area up making me look slim and lovely. They’re so well shaped that I always get compliments from my fellow female outdoors enthusiasts.
  • They don’t fall down! Never once have I shown my builders bum to my mates as I hop over that wall or scramble up the side of a hill. Thanks to the wonderful high waistband these trousers give me security, so I don’t have to be worry about my backside all the time. 
  • They even have a real sized pocket. There’s a proper pocket on the side of the leg, it’s even big enough to put your phone in. So you can finally leave your handbag at home, or at least it’ll be within easy reach for that quick photo of the beautiful eagle you’ve spotted flying overhead.
  • They last, I’ve had them for a year or two now and they withstand washing so well that they’re still as good as new.
  • They’re warm so they beat all leggings hands down on this front. I’m not distracted by that numb bum or cold thigh feeling you get in leggings; these trousers are perfectly cosy.
  • They’re lightweight. Once they’re on these pants aren’t going anywhere, but they won’t stop you going as far as you want, as fast as you want to.

With these on I feel like I belong in the mountains, not like I’m pretending to be a man doing some adventuring. This is the revolution ladies, they are finally making walking trousers for us. Rab, this one you have well and truly smashed.  More of this please.

The Author, Linzi Tate.

Rab Women’s Elevation Pants

  • Double weave Matrix fabric.
  • Low-bulk, elasticated deep waistband.
  • YKK zippered thigh pocket.
  • UPF 30plus sun protection

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