What is Rab Vapour-Rise

Rab Vapour-Rise clothing has been around for a number of years now, building a fanatical following in the outdoors community. If you are one of these fanatics, you know what you’re about so you can jump straight to the new range. If you’d like to find out more about Vapour-Rise then read on…

Vapour-Rise is essentially a two layer windproof / fast wicking layer of clothing that keeps you protected from the wind, and moves moisture away from your body very rapidly. Some people even dump the waterproof completely as they swear the Vapour-Rise stays warm when wet and dries so fast that there isn’t much point in a shell.

Rab Vapour-Rise Alpine Light face fabric

The outer layer is a Pertex Quantum Air shell, sounds impressive but what is that? It’s a very thin windproof material that is treated with a water resistant coating. This layer keeps the wind off and will shed snow or very light showers, while remaining breathable.

Rab Vapour-Rise Alpine Light lining (this is essentially the Vapour-Rise)

Inside a Vapour-Rise jacket is the actual ‘Vapour-Rise’ lining. It’s a very open weave, ‘brushed’ (fluffy feeling) polyester layer that allows airflow inside the jacket and moves moisture away from your body very rapidly. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and is basically what makes a Vapour-Rise jacket do it’s thing.

Vapour-Rise is incredibly versatile and can be worn year round as a windproof outerlayer or a warm and breathable midlayer, some even swear by wearing it on its own directly over the skin which sounds bold, but hey, everyone has their own system.

The new range of Vapour-Rise is divided into three jackets, ranging from a super thin, almost windshirt, to a burly and protective mountaineering jacket.

VR Ridgeline Jacket.

The lightest in the new Vapour-Rise range. Uses a combination of Vapour-Rise and lighter mesh for maximum breathability. Designed to be worn all day when moving fast in cooler conditions.


VR Alpine Light Jacket.

Mid weight, fast wicking midlayer / outerlayer. 2 chest pockets that double as vents. A fantastic climbing / mountaineering jacket for cooler conditions.


VR Summit Jacket.

The heaviest weight VR Jacket. Warm and wicking jacket for active use in cold conditions. 2 hand pockets 1 chest pocket. Perfect for Winter walking and Mountaineering.


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