Barryvox and Barryvox S Firmware upgrade 3.4

Mammut are constantly working on ways to improve their transceiver range so their firmware updates are a fairly common occurrence. They do not mean that there is a problem with the current firmware on your transceiver, rather that Mammut have identified an improvement that can be made after thousands of hours of user feedback.

The Latest update, released September 2020 is BarryHeart 3.4 for the Mammut Barryvox and Barryvox S only. It makes a number of refinements predominantly aimed at more advanced users.

Alternative Search Mode (Barryvox S)

Firmware 3.4 provides improved sound quality and optimized resolution of gain steps for reliable differentiation between multiple avalanche transceivers during the analog tone check and when using the alternative search mode. Pro Search and the alternative search mode provide an analog tone that can be used when a clear separation of multiple burials is no longer possible in the digital standard mode due to signal overlap or interference.

Battery Capacity Display

Optimized battery recognition and support for alkaline batteries with high output voltage (> 1.5 V per LR03-AAA cell) for optimized display of battery capacity for alkaline and lithium (Barryvox S) batteries, even in low temperatures.

Service Software

Firmware 3.4 provides higher stability of the w-link connection between transceivers and the service tool. The service software enables wireless communication with a high number of Barryvox devices and allows easier management, configuration and upgrade for fleet operators and rentals.

Performance Boost:

The BarryHeart 3.4 firmware optimizes the following functions of the Barryvox and Barryvox S:

  • Optimized detection of the signal from an older or damaged transceiver which is outside the allowed period duration
  • Improved signal separation in complex search scenarios with lengthy signal-overlaps or transmitters with continuous-carrier signals
  • Improved structuring of the list of buried subjects for transmitters with continuous carrier signals

How to update your Barryvox or Barryvox S

We offer free software updates for customers who purchased their transceiver from us. The only cost will be your postage to us plus £5.00 return postage. Read more about our transceiver updates here.

The previous BarryHeart 3.0 update enabled device to device updates. So if you have a friend who already has BarryHear 3.4 on their Barryvox then they can update your device, provided that it is the same model with version 3.0 or higher already installed.

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