New Petzl Headtorches

Its getting to that time of year again when everyone is digging around in the bottom of the kit box trying to find their head torch. So if like mine yours is looking a bit tired have a look at the new and updated range of Petzl headtorches

For this winter Petzl have made some updates to their existing range and introduced a brand new model. Below is a run through of whats new.

Petzl Swift RL

The new Petzl Swift RL headtorch is a 900 lumen lamp which is ideally suited to trail and mountain running. The Swift RL has two lighting modes Standard and Reactive lighting, each lighting mode has three light levels. This gives you the ability to maximize the burn time based on your intended activity. The burn times range from 2hrs to 40hrs using the new Accu Swift RL battery

Petzl Swift RL

The new body shape of the Swift RL makes switching between lighting modes and locking the torch very easy. There is also a new and very easy to see 5 stage battery life indicator on the top of the torch.  Petzl have also kept split head strap from the Reactic range which is comfy to wear and also sits nicely on a helmet.

Swift Battery Indicator

Petzl Actik & Actik Core

The very popular Actik range of torches have had a slight face lift with a new range of colors. Each torch has also an upgrade to their brightness. The Actik Core has been increased to 450 lumen and the Actik has been upgraded to 350. If you want a bright head torch the Actik range are great value for money.

Petzl Actik Core

Aside from a few minor styling changes the whole of the Tikka range of torches have had a 100 lumen increase. To see the complete range have a look at our handy comparison chart here.


Petzl have also added a couple of accessories to their lighting range this year. The first is the Petzl Uni Adapt, this is a small set of self adhesive clips that convert any helmet that doesn’t have torch clips to one that has. This is ideal for strapping your head torch to your bike helmet for the daily commute or adventure race.

Petzl Uni Adapt

Finally there is the Petzl Bike Adapt. This ideal piece of kit allows you to strap a Petzl headtorch to your handle bars. Great for those weekend bikepacking trips or winter commutes.

Petzl Bike Adapt

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