New Transceivers from Black Diamond/Pieps

Black Diamond have entered the transceiver market for the first time but don’t be put off at their lack of experience, these transceivers are actually the latest generation devices from renowned avalanche safety brand Pieps.

Guide BT

The Guide BT Transceiver is the fully featured variant with advanced functions designed for professional and frequent users. The Recon BT is the intermediate level device which features a masking/mark function and is ideal for most recreational users.

Recon BT

The biggest advance in the technology is the addition of Bluetooth to both transceivers, this allows them to be connected to the new Pieps app on your phone where not only can settings be adjusted but training scenarios can be activated and used for practice. In the Pieps range the Guide BT is called the Pro BT and the Recon BT the Powder BT, apart from the colour and branding they are exactly the same.

View Black Diamond Guide BT and Recon BT. We’re expecting to receive them into our stock in early/mid December.

In the video below Stu takes you through a first look at a pair of demo units including a look at the new app.

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