New from MSR – Windburner Duo and More

Windburner Duo Stove System

MSR have brought out a new, larger version of their popular Windburner stove – the Windburner Duo. It features the same Reactor Burner technology as the original Windburner but comes with a larger (1.8L) pot making it ideal for 2 or 3 people. Rather than simply sticking a larger pot atop the current Windburner (as they did with the Windburner 1.8L) MSR have changed the design to a be hose fed. This will give much better stability and moves the Windburner Duo more into the backpacking/trekking market and away from thebivvy and fast & light market where the Windburner is.

As the burner isn’t supported by the gas canister MSR have added some clever, spring loaded fold away legs which have a wide footprint for excellent stability, even on uneven ground. Unlike the Windburner the pot doesn’t click into place, it just sits in the burner, although it’s perfectly stable when full and won’t topple over it’s not like the Windburner which can be hung or or easily moved around as one unit when on.

View the Windburner Duo Stove System

You can check out our comparison of the Windburner against other stoves HERE. We’ve also got a pro review from British Mountain Guide Dave Sharpe on the Windburner HERE.

Windburner Accessories
Windburner Personal Accessory Pot

The great thing about all the MSR Windburner accessories is that they are compatible with all Windburner stoves so you can use any of the pots and pans with any of the stoves. The 1L Personal Accessory Pot which comes with the Windburner stove is available separately, as is the 1.8L Duo Accessory Potand we stock the Windburner Ceramic Skillet. MSR also make a 2.5L ‘sauce pot’ and a massive 4.5L ‘stock pot’ which we can special order.

Other Accessories

Trail Mini Duo

Aside from the Windburner products there’s also the new Trail Mini Duo. It’s nothing ground breaking, just a 1.2L pot, complete with heat resistant grip, a plastic bowl and a lid, all of which nest together to fill the smallest possible space. It fits perfectly with the Pocket Rocket. Just as you geta nesting pot, bowl and lidwhen you buy a one pot stove system like the Windburner, this is the same thing but for the Pocket Rocket. It even includes a bag for the Pocket Rocket so it doesn’t scratch the inside of the pot in transit.

View the Trail Mini Duo

Alpinist 2 Cook Set

We’re also stocking the Alpinist 2 Cook Set which is exactly what it says on the tin. It includes enough stuff to make a simple meal for 2: a 2.4L Hard-anodized aluminum pot with strainer lid,two DeepDish plates,two insulated mugs and aTalon pot handle. Plus there’sRoom for extra mug or stove inside.

View the Alpinist 2 Cook Set

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