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The brand Pomoca was created in 1957 in Switzerland by Louis Dufour off the back of the development and marketing of the “Dufour-Gaillard” rescue sled. Prior to the founding of the brand Louis’ son Eric developed the production of the first non slip skins from woven Mohair. He and Pomoca went on to create a number of ski skin firsts including production of the first self-adhesive skins. Since then Pomoca have continued to focus solely on skins and related accessories and, now part of the Salewa Group are still at the forefront with some of the best skins on the market today.

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What Have We Got?

Climb Pro S Glide

The Climb Pro S Glide is Pomoca’s premium climbing skin, aimed at serious touring or amateur racing it provides excellent grip, glide and durability. It’s a 30% Nylon / 70% Mohair mix, tried and tested to be the best mix. Pomoca Skins incorporate a range of technologies and the Climb Pro S Glide features their Safer Skin membrane to completely waterproof the glue side from the skin side and Ever Dry which is a durable anti glopping treatment. These skins come with 2 easily interchangeable toe bails of different width.

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Climb 2.0

The Climb 2.0 is Pomoca’s workhorse touring skin, designed for efficiency and reliability on long days out touring trip after trip. Like the Pro S Glide it’s a 30% Nylon / 70% Mohair mix though as it’s not such a high performance skin it doesn’t offer quite the same level of glide or grip. It also features the Safer Skin membrane to completely waterproof the glue side from the skin side and the Ever Dry durable anti glopping treatment.

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We’re stocking the following: Glue Patches and Glue Spray for touch ups, Adhesive Tube Glue for a full reglue plus Liquid Wax and the Bi-Colour Wax Block to keep you gliding effortlessly.

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  1. Hi Nick,
    Probably a bit too much of a niche product for us to start stocking, but I’ll pass the feedback on. As with all our brands, if you do want something we don’t stock we’re always happy to try to special order it for you.

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