Thermarest NeoAir Dreams on offer!

We’ve got some Thermarest NeoAir Dreams in size XL which are now 30% off, so you can have one for £157.50.

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What do we say about the NeoAir Dream?

The Thermarest NeoAir Dream provides a very versatile and amazingly comfortable mat. Essentially it is 2 mats in 1. It comprises a NeoAir mat which slots into an outer “Comfort cover with memory foam” which enhances the comfort and luxury.

You can therefore use it as a very luxurious mat when weight is not an issue. Or you can leave the comfort cover behind when you are having to carry the mat and weight is an issue. In its stripped-down form (just the internal NeoAir mat) it is only 750g and 5cm thick. It’s still a very comfortable mat when used like this, very similar to the NeoAir Camper (but a fraction lighter).

Add the included Comfort Cover and Memory Foam layer and you have a mat that is 10cm thick and very luxurious. Weight is then 1800g. This is a seriously comfortable mat, it is as comfortable as a real bed.

It comes with a NeoAir Torrent Pump which is a small travel pump that will run off either batteries or a DC car adapter. This is a fantastic choice for car camping or for an extra bed when you have guests. You also have the added veratility of using just the NeoAir mat for lighter weight camping / trekking missions.

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