New Mammut Transceivers

For the winter 2017/18 season Mammut are releasing 2 new transceivers designed to replace the Barryvox Pulse and Barryvox Element. The Pulse has become something of an industry standard for professional users and has also been extremely popular with recreational users. The Element is a simplified version of the Pulse which proved an incredibly popular option for those who didn’t want the all features offered on the Pulse.

Mammut Barryvox S

Replacing the Pulse is the Barryvox S and replacing the Element is the Barryvox.

Mammut Barryvox

Apart from a brief look at some sample models several months ago we haven’t actually seen or tested these yet – we will be doing so when we can to give a better overview of how they perform. They’re currently available to back order and we’re due to receive (limited) stock of both transceivers in the next few weeks. As with all backorders stock will be allocated on a first come first served basis and if you back order one we’ll keep you updated with a delivery date.

For now here is the User Manual of each transceiver and the Training Manual for a detailed look at how to use them. (Just click EN version on the first page to jump to the English section.)

View Mammut Barryvox S Transceiver, Mammut Barryvox Transceiver

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