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You might be noticing a theme on the blog at the moment, it’s that time of year when all the new stuff for autumn and winter gets released… so here’s what Patagonia have been working on.

Fitzroy Down Parker

The Fitzroy Down Parker is a new lightweight super warm down jacket. Not only is it super lightweight for such a big puffy jacket it’s also got some great features without being unnecessarily cluttered. Although the outer and inner fabric is the same (20D Pertex Quantum) they feel different. The outer has a slight shine and a soft feel which should be ideal for shedding snow. The inner is much shinier and has a slightly more crinkly feel which should allow it to slide easily over layers – it doesn’t feel great against the skin though.

Features wise I was surprised at just how big the dump pocket is – you could easily put goggles and a hat in it. On the other side of the zip there’s a smaller (but still pretty big) zipped pocket which you could fit plenty of smaller items in.

View Fitzroy Down Parker

Hyperpuff Hoody

The Hyperpuff is described as being able to deliver “reliable weather-resistant warmth”. It features HyperDAS insulation which has excellent loft for a synthetic insulation making the Hyperpuff one of the best in terms of warmth to weight. The variable quilting gives the quilted style which Patagonia synthetic jackets are known for and†eliminates cold spots and gives unhindered movement.

There are plenty of pocket storage with 2†zippered, insulated handwarmer pockets, a large interior mesh drop-in pocket plus an exterior zippered chest pocket. Internal elastic in the hood keeps it closely round your head and features a draw cord so you can adjust it for the best fit and peripheral vision.

View Hyperpuff Hoody

P6 Logo Midweight Full Zip Hoody

It’s not got a very snappy name but it is a pretty nice top for general use, outdoors and indoors. It’s fair to say it’s a medium weight fabric, it’s not going to keep you warm if it’s bitterly cold but it’ll do the job for most of the year in normal conditions. There’s a decent amount of stretch and it has a comfortable feel. And to add the final bit of polish it’s got the classic Fitzroy skyline P6 logo on the back.

View P6 Logo Hoody

Down Sweater Vest

Last year the Down Sweater Hoody was a massive hit so Patagonia have done the only sensible thing – leave the Hoody as it is and add a new vest version. Vests are great as they are so versatile – worn on its own as an outer through spring and autumn it’ll keep your core toasty, just as it will on cold or damp days when worn under a shell.

In true Patagonia style it’s made from 100% recycled polyester and the down is fully traceable to ensure that it is not from birds which are force fed or live plucked.

View Down Sweater Vest

Descensionist Pack

The Descensionist is a ski/snowboard version of the popular Ascensionst alpine pack. It’s made from the same tough 210D Cordura fabric and has the removable foam back system but has all the features required for days in the backcountry.

Access to the pack is easy with the fold top closure and easy to use drawstring. It’s also got a side entry which is really handy for grabbing your water bottle etc. On the front of the pack there’s a separate pocket which makes an obvious place to put your snow safety gear. As expected there’s a padded hipbelt, complete with zip pocket and a chest strap.

View Descensionist Pack

Nano Air Hoody

This popular synthetic mid layer has been updated for 2017/18 with redesigned cuffs, 30D outer and retro P6 logo. Warm yet breathable the Nano Air is ideal for working hard in cold weather so for activities like ski touring or alpine climbing it’s got to be on your short list if you’re after a midlayer.

One of the selling points of the Nano Air is that everything is stretchy – the outer is stretchy, the cuffs are stretchy, the hood is stretchy, even the insulation it’s filled with is stretchy. This means that it’s comfortable to wear under or over layers and it moves with you as you climb, ski, walk and run in the mountains with all your gear strapped to your back. In a word ‘brilliant’.

View Nano Air Hoody

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