New Leatherman Tools

Leatherman have released 4 new pocket sized tools which are now in stock.

Juice CS3

Leatherman Juice CS3 (cinnabar orange)

The CS3 is a handy little tool for weekends away or for just having to hand in the kitchen or round the house. It features a joint can opener/bottle opener, a corkscrew and a pair of scissors. It’s available in 3 different matte colours - Cinnabar Orange, Moss Green or Columbia Blue.

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Juice B2

Leatherman Juice B2 (Columbia Blue)

The Juice B2 is a great little pocket knife with 2 blades, each 5.6cm long with one being serrated and the other straight.  Available in 3 matte colours - Columbia Blue, Cinnabar Orange or Moss Grey. We can also offer free engraving on this tool.

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Skeletool KB

Leatherman Skeletool KB

A simplified version of the popular lightweight Skeletool the Skeletool KB features a single 6.6cm locking knife blade in 420HC steel as well as a bottle opener. The KB makes an ideal climbing or camping knife.

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Skeletool KBX

Leatherman Skeletool KBX (Green)

Exactly the same as the Skeletool KB the only difference the KBX has is that the blade is Leatherman’s Combination blade with half of the blade being serrated and the half being straight. Available with a Stainless Steel, Green or Blue handle.

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