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Exped have been working on making their sleeping mat range a lot easier to understand and this season they seem to have come up with a collection which has a naming scheme that makes sense between the ranges.

Down Filled Sleeping Mats or Downmats

Down provides a lightweight and very efficient insulator in these mats. It’s also more packable than synthetic insulation, though it is a bit more†expensive.

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In the downmat range there†are the following mats:

Downmat HL Winter

The HL Winter is the lightest downmat available. At 9cm thick and with an R-Value of 7 it’s incredibly warm and comfortable yet it weighs in at†just 475g! For such a thick, warm mat that’s amazing. The contoured shape means that†there’s no unnecessary fabric to carry around and allows it to be packed down to a†22 x 11.5cm tube. For lightweight winter expeditions this is the answer. Comes with a Schnozzel Pump Bag as you shouldn’t†use your breath to inflate it.

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Downmat UL Winter

The UL Winter is pretty much the same as the HL Winter, the only difference being that it has a square shape, rather than a contoured shape. This does mean that it’s not quite as light but the advantage is you get a bit more mat to sleep on. If you move around in your sleep or sleep on your side this can make all the difference as you can be completely off the ground – better for comfort and warmth. Comes with a Schnozzel Pump Bag as you shouldn’t†use your breath to inflate it.

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Downmat 7 †Pump†& Downmat 9 Pump

The Pump mats are made of a heavier weight fabric than the UL and HL mats and they include an inbuilt hand pump for inflation. Available in both 7cm and 9cm thick versions these are true winter basecamp mats – warm and comfortable in the most extreme conditions. At 780g and 960g respectively they’re not for going fast and light, but they are small and light enough to walk into basecamp with.

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Synthetic Filled Sleeping Mats or Synmats

Synmats are much like the downmats, but rather than using down for insulation they have synthetic fibres. The advantages of this are that the insulating properties aren’t affected by moisture and the mats are cheaper. The disadvantages are that they provide less warmth vs weight and don’t pack up quite so small. The non-pump mats come with the Schnozzel Pump Bag UL as well.

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Synmat HL

The Synmat HL is the smallest and lightest Exped mat available. As with the downmat HLs it’s contoured shape keeps weight to a minimum. At 7cm thick it’s still got plenty of depth for excellent comfort and is a 3 season mat which Exped say is suitable for temperatures as low as -6°C. It packs up to a tiny 9 x 19cm tube and weights just 350g.

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Synmat HL Winter

The Synmat†HL Winter is the same as the standard HL but with more insulation and an additional 2cm thickness. It’s still a bit lighter than the Downmat HL but it isn’t quite as warm with an R-Value of 4.9. It’s still suitable for temperatures as low as -17°C.

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Synmat UL

The Synmat UL is the same as the Synmat HL but in a square rather than a contoured shape. This makes it a better option for side sleepers or those who move around a lot during the night. At 450g it’s still a lightweight mat and packs into†24 x 9.5cm tube. We stock this mat in small as well as Medium and Long Wide so it’s a good choice if you want to save some weight but don’t want the contoured shape of the HL.

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Synmat UL Winter

The UL Winter is (as you might have guessed) a thicker version of the Synmat UL and is the same as the Synmat HL Winter but with a square, rather than a contoured, shape. This is the ultimate synthetic mat and is capable of handling temperatures down as low as -25°C Compared to the Downmat UL Winter it has†the advantage of being £45 cheaper than the and just 20g heavier and a little larger when packed.

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Synmat 7 Pump & Synmat 9†Pump

As with the down pump mats these are made of a heavier weight fabric and they include an inbuilt hand pump for inflation. The 7 Pump provides an excellent level of insulation (-17°C) and the 9 even more (-24°C) and although too heavy for carrying regularly their durability makes them ideal as a basecamp mat you can rely on.

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SIM Mats – Sim Comfort 10

Exped’s answer to Thermarest’s MondoKing is the Sim Comfort 10. At 10cm thick and filled with foam it provides an incredibly warm and comfortable place to sleep. It does self inflate, though as with all self inflating mats it†will usually need a quick pump with the included mini pump to get it to a suitable firmness. Ideal as a luxurious camping mat when size and weight aren’t an issue.

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Airmats – Airmat Lite 5

A†traditional airbed style mat, it offers comfort and a little warmth for a good price. It packs up pretty small (22 x 9cm tube) and weighs just 540g. At £58.50 it’s much more affordable if you’re on a budget,†making it ideal for summer camping or backpacking on a budget.

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