Staff Picks – Black Diamond Moji

This ‘Staff Picks’ is all about the handy little lights Black Diamond do – the most basic of which is the Moji.

Black Diamond Moji

The Moji doesn’t seem like much it is after all just a small lantern, but more than this it’s actually a really nice and well made product. The web images of it really don’t do it justice as they make it look a bit cheaply made and give it the impression of being much larger than it actually is. The reality is that, although it is mostly plastic (apart from the hooks on the top), it has a quality solid feel to it. Size wise, it fits neatly in the the palm of your hand.

Moji charging station, Moji and the Ember Power Light

Other than the good feel it has the other great points about the Moji are that it gives off a really pleasant light – nothing like a strong torch or fluorescent tubes, but a soft light which is really nice to read by or have on for extended periods. Its light level is adjustable and not just to set intervals - you hold the button down to dim or brighten the light to where you want it. It takes 3 AAA batteries and is super efficient – I used it for 2 weeks camping in the Alps and I didn’t notice it really going dim. This is including once leaving it on all night when I’d had a few too many in the pub before going to bed!

Moji Charging Station

Black Diamond also do the Moji Charging Station which is a ‘glamping’ style Moji with a much brighter output and the ability to charge USB powered devices. They also do the Ember Power Light which is essentially a rechargeable battery for charging devices on the go with a high quality torch attached. Like the Moji it doesn’t seem like much but the small size and quality feel really make it a great product.

Ember Power Light

Throughout the week the staff at Facewest are constantly coming across all the stuff that’s on our website. As a result we often discover handy little features or particularly innovative or well designed aspects on many of the products we stock. Each week throughout the winter season there’ll be a short blog post from one of the staff at Facewest on a product they happen to have come across which really stands out, for whatever reason, as a great bit of kit.

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