Staff Picks – Mammut’s new 3.0 airbag easy testing

Mammut’s new 3.0 Airbag system has several advantages over the old system. All the obvious ones such as weight, pack size, new hi vis airbag are gone into in great detail on the product pages and are all over Mammut’s advertising.

The test tool is a pretty simple piece of plastic, but sometimes simple is best.

However I think something that has been a little overlooked, as I suppose it’s not considered a major feature, is the new test tool. It’s a fairly simple bit of plastic that you screw into the airbag system where the compressed air cylinder would go. Once it’s screwed in put your pack on and pull the activation handle. If everything is working correctly you will hear a satisfying click. Once youíre done just unscrew it and off you go, safe in the knowledge that your airbag system is good to go.

The test tool installed in an Ultralight Removable Airbag. The system is the same across the range of packs.

This ability to quickly test and practice with your pack without having to faff around using an actual cylinder, arranging a refill and repacking the airbag is a great advantage in terms of ease of use. Becoming more familiar with how your pack works can only improve safety.

All the new Mammut 3.0 airbag packs come with a test tool included.

It’s also worth noting that the Ortovox Avabag has a similar test fire feature.

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