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ARVA has been designing and making first-rate snow safety equipment for more than 30 years. They have been developing and manufacturing their beacons in France for more than 20 years and continue to do so.

What have we got?

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Arva Axio

The Axio has a unique feature in that the 3rd antenna is housed in a flip down bar.  By flipping this bar down the transceiver switches to search mode giving it longer 3rd antenna than any other model. This gives it a greater range and accuracy when searching. The Axio also has plenty of  customisable advanced features.

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Arva Neo

The Neo is an intermediate level transceiver with some customisation available. It has an easy to understand interface and includes a mark function. It’s a great transceiver for both those who want a simple device to just tun on and use and for those who would like some customisation options without really having to get into the nitty gritty of transceiver search functions.

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Arva Ultra

The Ultra is a super light shovel with a carbon shaft. It has to be said that its incredible weight is down to the fact that the blade is pretty small and also quite thin, so it’s not a workhorse shovel. What it is good for is skimo racing or those looking for the absolute lightest option.

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Arva Plume

The Plume is similar in design to the Ultra and keeps the carbon shaft. It does however have a significantly more substantial blade.  It makes an ideal option for anyone looking to go super lightweight but without a massive compromise on performance.

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Ovo Light
Arva Ovo Light

The Ovo Light has an aluminium shaft and blade.  The shaft is collapsible so actually packs down shorter than both the Plume and the Ultra. The asymmetric ergonomic handle is designed to make shifting snow really quick and easy.  A great general purpose touring shovel which still comes in at the lighter end vs its competitors.

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Carbon 240 Compact
Arva Carbon 240 Compact

Another one for the fast and light brigade. It’s not cheap as probes go, but then it is made of carbon and has a kevlar cord. At just 120g for a 240cm probe it’s definitely one of the lightest and with an easy to use locking mechanism and 5cm markings it hasn’t lost any performance compared to heavier models.

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Light 240
Arva Light 240

A pretty standard probe but at a good price. 240 cm long, 30cm markings, a kevlar cord, tension locking and a grip. Everything you need from a probe and it weighs in at 200g.

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