Patagonia Competition Round Up

We’ve had some great entries to our Patagonia Competition – it seems lots of people love their kit and have had plenty of adventures with certain special items! I (and the rest of the Facewest office) have really enjoyed looking through your photos and supporting text. We’ll be picking the winner by Friday (17th June) and will let you know if you’ve won one of our 3 prizes! Here are a few entries from the competition…

James’s Guide Pants

“Patagonia backcountry guide pants: tough as old boots, amazingly weatherproof for a non membrane fabric, neat cut with bags of stretch for climbing.”


Lee’s Scimitar Jacket

“This is my go to jacket for most of my outdoor pursuits. Why? It’s light and packable, which is important when I’m carrying photography gear, the last thing I need is heavy clothing when my pack weighs around 16lbs without food and water. This jacket is also windproof but breathable, which is great for keeping the chill out but also helps maintain a consistent temperature, being too warm is also uncomfortable. Whilst the jacket is not waterproof it does have a brilliant DWR coating. I have been in some serious downpours and it has yet to wet out on me, even the seams have stayed dry! Did I mention that it is also nigh on indestructible? I have climbed in this jacket, cycled off road, walked miles, scrambled up scree slopes and over rocky coastlines and the only sign of wear is an area of bobbling on the inside were my pack rubs! This is hands down the best piece of outdoor clothing I have bought, worth every penny and then some! I love it!”


Rich’s Ice Cream Holder

“Slightly randomly, my favourite piece of kit is my home made ice cream carrier – invented after years of climbing down quayside ladders while juggling multiple cones. It allows the all important job of ice cream delivery to a boatload of hungry divers to be accomplished swiftly before they melt!”

Ice Cream Holder Mk1

Dean’s Montane Extreme Smock

“When performing as a non‘work’ jacket, instead being used on the hills and mountains, the Montane Extreme continues to impress. Upon the roof it proved more than capable of keeping the elements at bay, especially the cold, but whilst walking the hills you’d expect the deep pile lining to cause you to overheat. Due to venting systems and the nature of the pile, overheating is non-existent. Thanks to its other shell being constructed from PERTEX classic 6, not only is it windroof and water repellent, but fast drying and breathable too.  ”

Swaledale Road. Mugshot Selfie

William’s Tent

“It is my favourite bit of kit since my girlfriend and myself sat out a winter storm in the Sierra de Gredos,in Spain.  The wind strengthened throughout the night and I spent most of it thinking ‘how much more can this tent take and what do we do if the tent collapses?” We got through the night without incident and the tent shows no signs of damage or strain. I always try to buy the best kit I can afford, a decision which was completely justified that night.”



Stefan’s Revolver Carabiners
“I initially thought DMMs revolver seemed like a cool gimmick, like were flexing their hot forging prowess to show who’s boss. Until in the dying light of a baking hot second day on El Cap my partner Andy shouted up ‘oh balls, there’s a knot in the haul line’ Both of us were blitzed and dehydrated but still riding the ‘OH MY GOD I’M ON EL CAP!’ wave. Grabbing the lower out line, we hauled the final 30ft off a revolver and inverted jumar by passing the traxion.

The second pic is half an hour after our getto bodge haul, after we discovered the portaledge was a tangled mess and Andy nearly cried with happiness when I produced a can of peaches in syrup and he couldn’t get them in his mouth fast enough..”

Charlie’s Alpha SV Jacket

“My favourite bit of kit is my trustworthy Arc’teryx Alpha SV jacket. This thing is bombproof! I picked it up second hand about four years ago and have thrown everything at it, skis, crampons, axes, rocks, ice, trees and more, nothing has left a mark on it!

Photo taken navigating in some challenging visibility in the gullies below the Plan de l’Aiguille.”

John’s Patagonia Boxers

“My favourite piece of kit happens by coincidence to be made by Patagonia. For years I’ve collected and worn their colourful Boxer Shorts. They’re very comfortable, whether during outdoor activities or as just everyday wear. The attached picture shows how useful they actually are. If you’re climbing a mountain (Goatfell) in the WaterAid Challenge, and your team happens to be called ‘Panting for WaterAid’ – then what else is going to be worn and featured in the celebrations.”


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