New Suunto Ambit 3 RRPs

As of Monday 16th May Suunto have issued new RRPs for the Ambit 3 family which, with the exception of the Ambit 3 Vertical, are all considerably lower. Prices on Facewest have not changed more a couple of pounds here and there because we were already selling for less than the new RRP. What you will see is that were 20% off a model we are now 10% off, even though the actual price you pay is the same.

This comes along only a month after Suunto raised the RRPs of most of it’s products. So whilst models like the Core have gone up a bit and stayed there, the Ambit 3s have gone up a bit and then down a lot. For example the Ambit 3 Peak Black HR went from RRP 365 to RRP 385 and now down to 309. It actually sells for around 270 and has done the whole time.

You will now see a wide variety of RRPs quoted on the internet some of them even older than the ones talked about above and the perceived discount is based on the quoted RRP. Many shops and sites are very good at getting new products on but not so fast to update those that change. I just wanted to explain why you might see a great variation of RRPs and discount rates and hopefully remove some of that confusion. Although as savvy shoppers I know you see through all that to the price you actually have to pay.

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