New Black Diamond Equipment In Stock

Black Diamond have just delivered a load of new shiny gear to our door and it’s (mostly) in stock and ready to go as the Spring kicks in. You can click here to view all new Black Diamond products or read on for a few product highlights.


The New Black Diamond Camalots. They’re not in stock yet but they really need to be mentioned. Black Diamond have managed to drop 25% of the weight of the previous version of their C4 without sacrificing holding power, strength or anything else. Magic! Actually they’ve done this by replacing the steel cable with dyneema inside a tough plastic tube. Very clever.


Updated Headtorches. Both the Gizmo and the Spot have been updated this season. The Spot now has a maximum of 200 lumens and features a new LED configuration giving it a longer burn time compared to its predecessor. It’s also had the waterproofing upgraded to IPX8 making it completely submersible up to 1m. The Gizmo has had some similar improvements and now features a 90 lumen beam, new casing and improved burn times.


Next up is the new Solution Harness which has been designed as a Sport harness – ideal for working routes or doing long sport climbs. It features Fusion Comfort Technology which uses three strands of low-profile webbing producing superior load distribution and reducing pressure points. Great if you want to be comfortable on any route where you might end up hanging around.


The Moji Charging Station – OK it’s not a very good image but the Moji is a great little lantern providing a really nice ambient light for a decent amount of time. This new addition takes the great little Moji lantern and makes it much more versatile. It can run/charge from the mains, be powered by its own in built lithium battery or AAA batteries and it can also now be used to charge other electronic devices via a USB port. The Charging station also provides more light than the original Moji with a maximum setting of 250 lumens and still has the dimming options and power level indicator.

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